Your Family, Your Health Choice

Your Family, Your Choice is a group of concerned parents and citizens with a mission to ensure that parents have the right to make healthcare decisions for their families.

Your Family, Your Choice is not about vaccination, although we have a very real interest in the current proposed legislation set to remove the personal belief exemption for vaccination in California.

Your Family, Your Choice does not concern itself with whether or not you choose to vaccinate, postpone or opt out of vaccinations. Our concern is that YOU as the PARENT are able to maintain your AUTONOMY to make that decision because we believe it MUST remain your RIGHT to do so.

This site will be a valuable resource for you to use in the fight to protect your rights.

Our first step is to contact local legislators and convince them that SB 277 (the Senate Bill that will revoke our right to choose) is a violation of our rights. We have prepared a packet for you to download from our homepage that you can use to send letters to your local legislators and speak to them on the phone armed with facts. You will find several resources on our site as well, including up-to-date information about this issue and links to donate and volunteer.

Thank you for your support,
The concerned citizens at Your Family, Your Choice